Recipes For Homemade Sandalwood Face Packs

Sandalwood has been a secret weapon for many to beautify and protect their skin. It is a widely used ingredient in fine beauty products. It is rich in antibacterial components and antioxidants. It revives skin beautifully, fights acne, inflammation, saggy skin, tanning, and other skin conditions like eczema.

Benefits and Recipes for Sandalwood Face Packs


Sandalwood has various benefits. You may use it in the ways mentioned below:

1. Great For Acne-prone Skin:


Acne-prone skin responds well to sandalwood. Acne sufferers usually have greasy skin. Excessive oil with trapped dirt gets absorbed by the skin, which causes acne. Sandalwood pulls out excess oil and sebum. It also has antibacterial properties, which absorb the bacteria from the skin. Sandalwood flattens acne and shrinks them by absorbing trapped oil within them. Trapped oil is also the cause of blackheads. Applying it will 

remove oil on top of your skin, which will assist you to deeply clean your skin to get rid of those pesky blackheads.

 Sandalwood Mask Recipe to Get Rid of Acne

  • To a tablespoon of sandalwood powder, add a pinch of turmeric. Turmeric is effective at removing germs from the skin. It removes whiteheads and dries out acne.
  • Pour milk to make the paste. Milk is also great for cleaning out dirt from your skin. It has lactic acid that defeats bacteria from the acne, prevents acne from spreading, and controls inflammation. Milk naturally exists utilized as a natural cleansing toner.
  • You can add aloe vera gel. It is effective for cystic acne and to dry out pimples. 
  • You can also add earth fuller to clean out clogged pores.
  • Apply the face mask overnight or only for 15 to 20 minutes, at least twice a week.


2. Wrinkles and Damaged Skin


 Due to lost collagen and tight elasticity, wrinkles start to appear. The broken connection of supportive face tissues makes it extremely hard to get rid of wrinkles. Sandalwood has antioxidants. It promotes fast anti-aging. If you apply it frequently or even daily, you will start to get your youthful glow back. Antioxidants are crucial compounds because they save our cells from harm. It balances off free radicals by providing them molecules. Moreover, it is a great helper in the healing process of damaged skin because of its reversing property. It lightens the skin that gives the lifted effect. If you have blisters, cuts, or wounds on your face, it will heal them too. Sandalwood has such an expeditious effect on the cells, just smelling it will promote cell activity. 

Sandalwood Recipe For Wrinkles and Wounds

  • Separate egg whites from egg yolk and add them into sandalwood powder. Egg whites tighten skin and stretch out your skin. It gives a youthful and glowy look. 
  • Add aloe vera to repair the skin barrier and also tightens your skin.
  • Add coconut oil or jojoba oil to the mix. Damaged skin is in dire need of moisturization. Add oil into the mixture for moisture. Moisturizers repair skin barriers and provide a youthful look. By moisturizing your skin, the cell turnover increases, which promotes a new skin layer.
  • You can apply this mask every day until dry.


3. Beneficial in the Summertime


 If you are in the market to look for masks best for summer, opt for sandalwood powder. Sandalwood is the perfect ingredient to use during the hot summer months. It has a cooling effect, which helps you relax like the feeling at the spay. Our skin needs to get treated with cooling ingredients after getting damaged in prickly heat. If you have sunburns, apply a sandalwood pack on the area of concern to ease irritation and redness. Our skin gets tanned very effortlessly in the summertime. But to get rid of the tan takes forever. Sandalwood works wonders on tanned skin. Apply sandalwood paste every day after going out to eliminate tanning.

Sandalwood Face Pack Recipe to Remove Tanning

  • Add lemon to eliminate tanning.
  • Grind coriander in water to make coriander juice. Add it to the paste and mix well. It is cooling and relaxes your skin after suffering heart waves. It also tightens pores and lightens skin.
  • Add curd and tomatoes to cool down your skin and remove tanning. 
  • Apply this mask every day after coming back to your house.

4.  Smoothing Effect

smothning effect

 If you are dealing with dry skin, a sandalwood mask will exfoliate flakes off your face leaving your face soft and supple. Sandalwood exists to exfoliate dead skin cells. The end of the week should be your at-home sandalwood spray to eliminate all the dead-skin build-up and soaked oil in pores to revive and rejuvenate your skin. High antioxidants are the powerhouse for it. That is why the frequent application of sandalwood masks lets your skin thrive in every way. 

Sandalwood Face Pack Recipe For Smoothing

  • Honey is just as great for skin as it is for consumption. Honey is immensely moisturizing. It also defeats bacteria and makes skin smooth and supple. 
  • Add rose water or aloe vera gel for rejuvenation. 
  • Apply it overnight.

5. Brightening 


Sandalwood is extremely popular in beauty products for brightening purposes. Many beauty creams are available in the market. Your skin will feel lighter and brighter after applying a sandalwood face pack.

 It is a popular ingredient in southern Asia. You will find it in almost many pantries, as they swear by the wonders of sandalwood usage. Bride gets a full-body facial and scrubs before their big day. Party attendants also opt for a sandalwood face pack before attending any special event to get glowy, fresh, and smooth skin for perfect makeup application. Such a widely chosen ingredient will not disappoint you.

Sandalwood Face Pack recipe For Brightening

  • Licorice powder is for brightening your skin. It also eliminates bacteria. Licorice powder provides a glow to your skin and lightens hyperpigmentation. 
  • Squeeze a teaspoon of lemon or orange into the face pack. Citrus is known to lighten and brighten skin. It acts as a natural bleach. You can rub a lemon peel on your dark spot and notice dramatic changes in your hyperpigmentation. But do moisturize accordingly, as it dries out your skin significantly. 
  • Add rose water to rejuvenate and bring a healthy glow. It restores your natural skin tone.
  • Turmeric and besan (chickpea powder) are also great for brightening your skin. Turmeric is tried and true in southern Asia for brightening skin.
  • Apply it 2 to 3 times a week for 15 minutes. 


6. Dark Spots


 People who suffer from acne deal with acne spots and scars. Dark spots do not fade away that easily. They need to get proper treatment to fade away. Sandalwood has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce any irritation in the marks and lighten them. After working those restless nights, treat yourself with a sandalwood mask. Apply the paste underneath your eyes. It will reduce puffiness with its cooling effect and brighten the under eyes. Sandalwood is good for reducing any pigmentation on the skin. If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation on your body or face, use a sandalwood facemask. You can get sandalwood body scrub and lotion for your body.

Sandalwood Face Pack Recipe For Pigmentation And Spots

  • Sandalwood itself does wonder for your skin suffering from pigmentation and marks. To make the paste add rose water and a pinch of turmeric and apply it to your face.

Bottom Line

Sandalwood is a star ingredient in several beauty products. From dark spots to acne and getting rid of tan, sandalwood face packs can help you get rid of it all. So make sure you follow the tips above for the suitable one above. 

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