3 Best Sandalwood Colognes for Men

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word “cologne” is my grandpa, kissing us children on the cheeks when we would come to visit him. Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore, but the scent of his cologne is still here after all these years. Men’s cologne is more than just a fragrance, it is something to be remembered for, it becomes a  personal mark for the man.

A good cologne is a sign of good taste. Even more than that, it is something that lasts longer than you, me or anything, it is a memory. There is one particular fragrance that just feels divine, spiritual, strong and yet so gentle. It is a scent of an oil made from an ancient tree that Vedic culture considered sacred. It is a scent of sandalwood. Some people say that all men should smell like sandalwood, as it is strong, but not opposing.

Top 3 Sandalwood Cologne for Men

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne

Taylor-of-Old-Bond-Street-Sandalwood-CologneA smell of cologne is something that is noticed in close contact. Subtle, but lasting fragrance leaves a greater impression than opposing and strong scent which everyone in the room can feel. This is precisely what this cologne is all about. Taylor of Old Bond Street is a cologne that is meant to impress a lady. It should be worn on the neck and on the wrists, as these parts of your body are most likely to be involved in a close contact.

Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Cologne

Trumper-Sandalwood-CologneThis cologne will knock people off their feet with its mysterious, strong, but yet classy scent that gives an impression that person wearing it is a true gentleman with fine taste and classy manners. The biggest advantage of this cologne is its duration. If you apply it in the morning, it will last through the whole day without losing its strength.





Caswell Masey Sandalwood Cologne Spray

Caswell-Masey-Sandalwood-Cologne-SprayCaswell Masey is one of the best Sandalwood colognes out there for a reason. This cologne’s scent is strong, but not overpowering. It lasts longer than the average cologne without losing the scent. This is a cologne for which the people are going to remember you. As I said earlier, there is nothing that triggers the memories as much as a scent of a sandalwood cologne. To say poetically, it is “as intriguing as India itself.”

Every man who feels like a gentleman should conduct himself like a gentlemen too . But remember to smell like one, too. You may have looks, a great pair of chukka boots, attitude and self-respect, however nothing leaves a trail in memory as much as does the fine scent.