Top 10 Uses of Red Sandalwood Face Pack

Each and every woman desires to have youthful glowing skin to be more confident about herself or to leave a good first impression. It is that feeling when she looks into the mirror, she will end up complimenting the one looking back. With the number of home remedies to make skin glow, the red sandalwood face pack has always been on the top spot of the heaping list.

Known to be a reliable natural beauty ingredient, red sandalwood (Rakta Chandana) is often combined with choicest natural ingredients like tomato and essential oils to make a face mask benefitting the skin in more ways than one. To give you a rundown, here are top 10 uses of red sandalwood face pack for skin that glows it runs deep.

1. As Nourishing Mask

As the skin on your body needs lotion for nourishment so does the face need to “eat” something for it to glow. Red sandalwood provides enough “food” to nourish the facial skin cells. By regularly using a red sandalwood face pack, you are directly supplying needed nourishment for your skin.

2. Radiant Complexion Maintenance

Some women have bad luck to possess dry, rough skin. This makes the complexion dull and seemingly lifeless. A read sandalwood face mask composed of red sandalwood powder, fresh raw milk, and turmeric or with simple rose water can help get you a brighter and shinier complexion. Using this regularly will help the skin attain a radiant glow.

3. Skin Toner

Blotchy poke-marked or blemished skin can be unattractive and unhealthy to look at. It gives one a rather deplorable skin tone that’s uneasy to the eyes. By simply preparing a face mask made with red sandalwood, fresh coconut milk, and almond oil on a regular basis, you are well on the way for an even skin tone.

4. Exfoliating Power

The upper skin cell layer is filled with dead skin. Some of it normally shed off when showering. However, if you want to completely reveal a fresh new layer underneath, creating a red sandalwood face pack also works as an exfoliating system. All you need to do is mix mashed ripe papaya and red sandalwood powder then, scrubbing it lightly to your face. Rinse off completely with lukewarm water.

5. Oil Control

If you have oily skin or worse, oily skin with large pores then, this could literally mean a land mine for breakouts. From ugly pimples to huge acne heads, oily skin can definitely wreak havoc to your face. By simply creating a face pack made from fresh lemon juice, and red sandalwood powder will help control sebum secretion and tighten those pores.

6. Tan Remover

Want to remove an ugly fading suntan faster? Making a red sandalwood face pack is an excellent choice. Sandalwood helps get rid of uneven skin tone plus exfoliate the dead skin cells left behind. Simply mix red sandalwood powder and fresh cucumber juice. Blend it well and apply liberally on the face and other areas.

7. Pigmentation Remover

Pigmentation can happen to anyone. Though it can happen anywhere in the body, the marks it left behind on the face can zap out one’s confidence level. Try to get rid of such by creating a smooth paste made of sandalwood powder and raw fresh milk. Use daily for best results.

8. Acne Treatment

Red (or even white) sandalwood is known for its potent microbial compound. For pimples, zits or acne breakouts, daily use of a red sandalwood face pack made with either rose water or turmeric will help treat affected spots.

9. Anti-Wrinkle

Lines can appear on the face as one grows with age. Sometimes, overexposure to sunlight and other environmental hazards also double the speed of aging. Combining the power of red sandalwood and chamomile tea with rose water will help combat premature skin aging.

10. Skin Irritation Treatment

Red sandalwood is soothing in nature. For inflamed skin from insect bites or allergies, simply create a face and bodypack by combining red sandalwood powder with an essential oil like patchouli or geranium will help treat this the natural way. Simply massage it unto the affected area to reduce, if not eliminate, skin irritations.

Indeed, red sandalwood powder is known for its gargantuan usage. These 10 uses of red sandalwood face pack are but the tip of the iceberg. For years, it is revered by the Ancients for the glory it brings to the skin. So, bring back the confidence in you by creating your own.