Making Sandalwood Soap

soap bars and a sponge with a yellow background

Aside from having direct control over the ingredients to suit your preferences and needs, there are additional advantages to making your soap. Of course, buying soap from a nearby grocery store is the most convenient option, but making your soap is also relatively simple once you get the hang of it. Many … Read more

Sandalwood and Vanilla Essential Oil Recipes for Perfume

A bottle of sandalwood essential oil with sandalwood

Walking through the perfume section of a department store can trigger a headache, especially for those sensitive or even allergic to fragrances. Many scents are cloying and overwhelming. Plus, there are some nasty ingredients in those commercial perfumes that you’re spritzing unto the skin. Essential oils, especially soft and warm fragrant oils … Read more

Making Scented Bedroom Drawer Liners

Caucasian Male Hands Placing Plastic Drawer Liner in a Bathroom

Do you ever get tired of having your clothes smelling like your drawer? You can try making your own scented dresser drawer liners. Making your own makes it unique, so you can give your drawers the scent you like while keeping them smelling freshly laundered for longer. Plus, it can give your … Read more

Creating Your Own Sandalwood Cologne for Men

A bottle of sandalwood essential oil with white sandalwood

If you want to make your presence in a room memorable and remarkable, you need a signature scent. And what’s a better way to define your scent footprint than with a DIY cologne formula you manufactured yourself? This way, you can express your creative side with a flavor profile that reflects your … Read more

How To Grow a Sandalwood Tree

A Sandalwood tree leaves close-up

Sandalwood has a distinct, calming scent that is familiar to most aromatherapists and essential oil users. Native sandalwood types in India and Hawaii were nearly farmed to extinction in the 1800s due to their highly coveted smell. The demand for sandalwood was so high among Hawaii’s selfish rulers that many agricultural laborers … Read more

Does Sandalwood Essential Oil and Pregnancy Go Together?

Without a doubt, getting pregnant is a wondrous joy shared by all women (and their partners) all around the globe. The idea of growing a life inside one’s own body is, indeed, a miracle in itself hence, extra caution is always needed to ensure that both mother and child are at the … Read more