Does Sandalwood Essential Oil and Pregnancy Go Together?

Without a doubt, getting pregnant is a wondrous joy shared by all women (and their partners) all around the globe. The idea of growing a life inside one’s own body is, indeed, a miracle in itself hence, extra caution is always needed to ensure that both mother and child are at the best of their health. With the erratic hormones and seemingly dumbfounded system, you will need more personal care now more than ever—and this is where some of the confusion sets in. You might be asking whether sandalwood essential oil and being pregnant safely go together or if a bunch of essential oil which you want to use to fight the sudden changes the body has to go through.




As a rule of thumb, it is recommended for pregnant women not to ingest any essential oil while pregnant. The body’s chemical composition will be changing at this time as it adjusts to the growing baby. It is also deemed unsafe as essential oil can sometimes cause allergic reactions which the baby may not be able to tolerate. Be reminded that allergies can cause problems in the heart.

While nasty symptoms may be assuaged with the use of sandalwood essential oil combined with relaxing vanilla or ylang-ylang inside a diffuser or as relaxing massage oil during Lamaze session, it is strongly recommended by physicians to defer usage until the second or third trimester. In as much as it relaxes your senses, the first trimester is the most crucial time for the baby’s development. With some oils touted to stimulate the uterus, affect hormones or have a strong impact on particular bodily organs, one can never know how a developing fetus will react when their tiny body is subjected to them.

Sandalwood Essential Oil and Pregnancy

Sandalwood essential oil and pregnancy use, however, are known not to cause any form of pregnancy issues like a contraction or premature labor. In fact, sandalwood oil is quite effective in attenuating the effect of morning sickness. By simply blending sandalwood, lavender, and ginger essential oils with fractionated cocoa oil then, rubbing it into the stomach, one can easily feel relieved from the nauseating feeling caused by sudden hormonal changes.

Another common occurrence in pregnancy is difficulty sleeping or insomnia. Again, this could be due to hormonal changes but it is not always the case. To restore a good night sleep, during pregnancy or after, expert masseuse strongly recommend blending sandalwood, marjoram, roman chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang, and vanilla into a diffuser before sleeping. Rub a few drops to your pillow or bed linens and curtains to surround yourself with such relaxing warmth. Some also live by the idea of rubbing a small amount to the bottom of the feet and then, covering it with thermal socks for immediate effect.

Sandalwood essential oil also makes good protection from illnesses. It has antimicrobial effect noted to ward off illness-causing germs like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Many pregnant women easily succumb to coughs or colds and blocked sinuses during the time they are pregnant. To prevent this, simply mix sandalwood with eucalyptus, and lemon and spread it around the house. One may even use this mixture as a cleaning agent in your home which will kill germs and make your home smell wonderful. Others also rub small amounts into their temple or chest to relieve blockages.

Of course, if there’s one thing sandalwood oil is known for – it’s their effect to the skin. On your second trimester, make good use of homemade sandalwood-based lotion complimented with geranium, helichrysum or frankincense. Simply rub this blend into your abdomen, arms and legs to promote healthy skin and prevent stretch marks and discoloration.

Without a doubt, sandalwood essential oil and pregnancy safely go together. But like everything else, adequate caution must be exercised. It is no secret that today’s quality of essential oils can be easily sabotaged in the marketplace. To ensure both your safety and that of the baby’s, it is essential that you buy only from trusted sources or heed the advice of a qualified aromatherapist. Be reminded that you are also holding another precious life in your body. So, take prevention and precaution twice over.