Blends in the Edens Garden Synergy Blend Line

Blends in the Edens Garden Synergy Blend Line

Looking for a great essential oil brand to start your aromatherapy journey with? Edens Garden is the perfect brand to consider, as they offer pure essential oils with no added fragrances, fillers, synthetics, and toxic chemicals. The ingredients are also ethically and sustainably sourced, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Edens Garden synergy … Read more

How to Combat Spring Allergies in Seniors with Essential Oils?

How to Combat Spring Allergies in Seniors with Essential Oils?

Almost 50 million people suffer from allergies in America. So, they face anxiety problems several times a year! If you are one of them and have a seasonal allergy, then you face many symptoms such as: Runny nose Block sinus Watery eyes Irritating throat Cough Swell skin Asthma and much more While … Read more

Mixing Vanilla and Other Scents to Make Candles

Wellness Vanilla Scent

If you’re like most people, the smell of vanilla will help you recall back memories of your kitchen’s sweet and savory smells full of warmth and goodness. The gentle aroma wafts over you as you reminisce the taste of your grandma’s or mother’s baked goods. With vanilla-scented candles, you can relive these … Read more

Benefits Gained When Wearing a Buddha Bracelet

A Buddha bracelet

Buddha bracelets are popular as wearable accessories nowadays. Also known as mala beads, Buddha bracelets are beautiful ornaments that are perfect for those looking for spirituality along with a healthier way of life. This beaded bracelet is also used as Buddhists’ prayer beads, allowing the wearer to be mindful in any situation. … Read more

How To Grow a Sandalwood Tree

A Sandalwood tree leaves close-up

Sandalwood has a distinct, calming scent that is familiar to most aromatherapists and essential oil users. Native sandalwood types in India and Hawaii were nearly farmed to extinction in the 1800s due to their highly coveted smell. The demand for sandalwood was so high among Hawaii’s selfish rulers that many agricultural laborers … Read more