How to Never Get Locked Out of Your House Again: Assured Strategies and Tips

Everyone has had the depressing realisation that they are locked out of their own house. It’s similar to an adult rite of passage, don’t you think? But fear not! We’ve got your back with some approved strategies to make sure we never experience the dreaded lockout again.

1. Establish a Routine for Key Management

For avoiding lockouts, consistency is crucial. Developing a regular practice for handling your keys can be revolutionary. Consider the following strategies:

  • Designated Key Spots – Start by designating specific spots for your keys, whether it’s a key tray, hook, or bowl near your entrance. These designated spots serve as visual reminders to grab your keys before leaving.
  • Mindful Key Checks – Train your mind to automatically check for keys before locking doors or leaving your house. Create mental cues, such as visualising your keys in your hand or mentally repeating, “Keys, wallet, phone.”
  • Physical Cues – Implement physical cues, like placing your keys next to essential items you always carry, such as your wallet or phone. This way, you won’t leave without your keys.

Now, here’s a pro tip–throw in some physical cues. It’s similar to leaving future self breadcrumbs. Perhaps it’s keeping your phone and wallet close by—items you never leave the house without. By doing this, you’ll avoid having to perform the embarrassing pat-down in the driveway after noticing your keys are on the kitchen counter.

Why bother with all this? Well, not only will it save you time and energy, but it’s also a game-changer for peace of mind. No more backtracking, no more frantic key searches. So, the next time you’re about to hit the road, take a hot second for a quick key check.

2. Utilise Spare Keys Wisely

Spare keys are like our emergency snacks – we don’t appreciate them until we really need them. Store them strategically, none of that under-the-doormat nonsense. Consider high-tech options like lockboxes or even entrust a spare key to a trustworthy neighbour, friend, or family member. It’s like having a key guardian angel.

3. Invest in Smart Locks or Keyless Entry Systems

Let’s talk about technology now. Keyless entry systems and smart locks are the superheroes of the lockout industry.

  • Keypad entries
  • Biometric systems
  • Bluetooth-enabled locks
  • Wi-Fi Smart Locks
  • Lock and Video Doorbell Combination

They’re convenient, secure, and just downright cool. You can even grant temporary codes to guests without the hassle of physical keys. Embrace the future, guys!

4. Regular Maintenance of Locks and Keys

Our locks and keys need some care, too, you know. Regular maintenance is the name of the game. If our locks start acting up–get sticky or worn-out–address it ASAP. Keep those babies lubricated for smooth operation. And for those advanced locking systems, a yearly check-up with a pro is a good call.

5. Adept Technology-Enabled Reminders

Let’s put our smartphones to good use. Set reminders to check for your keys before leaving. Smart home devices, like those smart speakers, can give us audible reminders. And don’t sleep on those location-based cues. Technology is our ally in this lockout war.

6. Have a Lockout Action Plan

Prepare for the unexpected by having a lockout action plan in place:

  • Emergency Plan – Create a predetermined plan for lockout emergencies. Include contact information for a reliable locksmith and designate a safe place to wait while the issue is resolved.
  • Backup Options – Stress the importance of backup options, such as hidden spare keys or neighbours who can provide assistance.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Practice your lockout plan, especially in households with multiple residents or children, to ensure everyone knows what to do.

7. Explore Locksmith Subscription Services

Locksmith subscription services offer peace of mind for lockout situations:

  • Investigate Options – Investigate locksmith subscription services that prioritise lockout assistance and offer discounted rates. Research the coverage areas and costs of the various services before selecting a provider. Make sure to get a detailed quote before signing up.
  • Reputation Matters – Choose a reputable service that aligns with your needs and budget. Research and read reviews to make an informed decision.
  • Reliable Help – Rest easy knowing that professional help is just a phone call away. Professional lock-out service is always available when you need it most. Expert advice can help you make informed decisions. Take advantage of reliable help to ensure success.

8. Embrace a Mindful Exit Routine

A mindful exit routine can become your daily habit, ensuring you never leave your keys behind:

  • Routine Development – Develop a mindful routine for exiting your house, which includes double-checking for keys.
  • Use Visual Cues – Use door-mounted reminders or leave items like sunglasses by the door as cues to remember your keys.
  • Consistency is Key – Recognise that the foundation for developing this practice is consistency and repetition.

9. Give a key to a neighbour or a nearby family member

The last thing we need is to be stuck outside our own kingdom because we misplaced our keys. We’ve got a nifty trick straight from the playbook–leverage for your trusted neighbours. You know, those folks you share a friendly wave with, maybe even borrow a lawnmower from. If we’re lucky enough to live close to our parents, that works too!

Here’s the scoop: turn that reliable neighbour into our living lockbox. Pass them a spare key! Now, we know what you’re thinking–”Isn’t that a bit risky?” Well, hold your horses. Only hand over that key if we know this neighbour like the back of our hand and genuinely trust them.

Not only is having a neighbour with a key to our way back in when we unavoidably lock ourselves out (because, let’s face it, it happens to the best of us), but it also serves another purpose. When we’re miles away from home, it’s like having a superhero on call to handle situations. Our trusted neighbour can swoop in and save the day. Just remember, coordinate your lockouts with your neighbour’s schedule. You don’t want to be stranded when they’re off on a grocery run. Stay locked in, but also stay neighbourly!


In conclusion, let’s conquer the fear of being locked out. With these tested strategies, we can kick lockouts to the curb and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with always having access to our castle. Stay key-conscious, guys!