Indian Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil Review

Indian Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil Review

Sandalwood is one of the natural substances that have a wide number of applications in aromatherapy. It is highly versatile and has been in use for centuries. Sandalwood oil and sandalwood powder are derived from the sandalwood tree. They can be blended with most oils and are used widely. The Indian Mysore … Read more

Good Sleep 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Review

Good Sleep 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Review

Essential oils have been in use from the onset of human existence. They serve a wide array of purposes including therapeutic effect, inducing a good sleep, the feel-good effect, changing the mood in a room, relieving stress, and many others. Different oils are never created equal and as such have a different … Read more

Top 5 Sandalwood Essential Oils

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Are you looking to buy sandalwood essential oils? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This list is for 5 sandalwood essential oils. There are many benefits and uses of sandalwood essential oils which can improve overall health and tranquility. Indian Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil, 100% Pure The Indian Mysore Sandalwood Essential … Read more

Best Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Best Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Sandalwood Essential Oil History The popular sandalwood tree with its dry, woody aroma has served many all over the world for many purposes. It has been in use; in spiritual rituals, embalming purposes in Egypt, aromatherapy, meditation, fragrances, and many others. In the current age, sandalwood essential oil derived from the sandalwood … Read more

Top 7 Sandalwood Oil Aromatherapy Blends

  Aromatherapy has always been hailed one of the most effective therapies since the ancient times. With the sense of smell being one of the most active of senses, it is only fitting to find one form of alternative medicine that will strike the olfactories in the most effective way possible. This … Read more

Top Reasons Sandalwood Perfume Oil Is a Must-Have

In a world driven by so much competition, traffic, and stressful activities, it is no wonder your chakra energy is hanging on a balance. Living under chronic stress coupled with so much overthinking to meet seemingly impossible goals, one can easily lose focus, sense of purpose go haywire, and libido flushed down … Read more

Top doTERRA Sandalwood Uses

Like its popular Indian sandalwood sister, Hawaiian sandalwood also delivers astounding benefits to the skin, hair, and mind. Maintaining its intrinsic properties like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, antispasmodic, diuretic, carminative, antiphlogistic, disinfectant, sedative, emollient, and memory booster, it came as no surprise why Hawaiian sandalwood oil is also revered in the world. When … Read more

Does Sandalwood Essential Oil and Pregnancy Go Together?

Without a doubt, getting pregnant is a wondrous joy shared by all women (and their partners) all around the globe. The idea of growing a life inside one’s own body is, indeed, a miracle in itself hence, extra caution is always needed to ensure that both mother and child are at the … Read more

How to Make Sandalwood Essential Oil Blends

Without a doubt, sandalwood oil has a lot of benefits to the body and mind compared with all other essential oils. It has extensive therapeutic benefits and, when combined with other essential oils, you can have a concoction that will deliver the remedy you need. It boosts mental clarity and memory. It … Read more

Tips To Making Your Own Sandalwood Vanilla Perfume Recipe

Both men and women have a love-hate relationship with perfumes. As the idea that what you smell can either make or break your heart continue to flourish, so does the eternal quest to find the best fragrance that could improve one’s inherent sense of scent. However, store-bought fragrances can be either expensive … Read more