Aromatherapy with Candles

Aromatherapy with candles is a holistic practice that combines the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and the soothing ambiance of candlelight. It involves using specially crafted candles infused with essential oils to create an environment that promotes physical, emotional, and mental well-being. These candles are designed to release the aromatic properties of essential oils when they are burned, filling the air with fragrant molecules that can have various effects on the body and mind.

During aromatherapy with candles, individuals light the candle and allow it to burn, releasing the scent of the essential oils into the air. As the fragrance is inhaled, it interacts with the olfactory system and, in turn, influences the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories. Different essential oils have distinct therapeutic properties, ranging from relaxation and stress reduction to focus enhancement and mood elevation.

The combination of gentle candlelight and the therapeutic aromas creates a sensory experience that can aid in relaxation, meditation, stress relief, and overall well-being. Aromatherapy with candles allows individuals to harness the power of scents to positively impact their emotions and physiological responses, offering a serene and fragrant path to holistic self-care.

What are Aromatherapy Candles?

Aromatherapy candles are a specific subset of scented candles that are crafted with the intention of providing therapeutic benefits beyond just a pleasant fragrance. These candles are typically made using pure essential oils derived from plants, and the chosen essential oils are carefully selected for their specific therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy candles are created to evoke particular emotional responses or physical effects through the inhalation of the essential oil molecules released as the candle burns. For instance, lavender essential oil might be used in an aromatherapy candle to promote relaxation and calm.

In essence, while all aromatherapy candles are scented candles, not all scented candles are necessarily aromatherapy candles. The distinction lies in the intention and the choice of ingredients used in their creation. If you’re seeking specific therapeutic benefits, you might want to opt for candles labeled as aromatherapy candles that contain pure essential oils known for their healing properties.

Types of Candles Used for Aromatherapy

Candles used for aromatherapy are specifically designed to release pleasant scents and therapeutic aromas when they are burned. These candles are typically infused with essential oils or fragrance blends that have specific therapeutic properties. Here are some common types of candles used for aromatherapy:

1. Soy Candles

plain soy candle

Soy candles have gained popularity as an environmentally friendly and health-conscious choice in the realm of candle options. Derived from soybean oil, these candles offer a cleaner and more sustainable burning experience compared to traditional paraffin candles. Their lower melting point results in an even burn, minimizing tunneling and maximizing the candle’s lifespan. Additionally, soy wax possesses the remarkable ability to absorb and disperse fragrances, including essential oils used in aromatherapy, creating a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere. This quality, combined with the candles’ biodegradability and reduced soot emission, makes soy candles a preferred option for those seeking both ambiance and well-being in their candle choices.

2. Beeswax Candles

autumn decoration with beeswax candles pine cones and leaves on wicker tray

Beeswax candles stand as a testament to the harmony of nature and craftsmanship. Crafted from the natural wax produced by bees, these candles exude a distinctive charm and offer unique benefits. Emitting a delicate, honey-like scent, beeswax candles provide a sensory experience that is unmatched. Notably, their clean-burning properties set them apart, producing minimal soot and releasing negative ions that can help purify the air. This inherent ability stems from the beeswax’s natural composition, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitivities or allergies. Beeswax candles burn slowly and evenly, displaying a characteristic golden hue that adds warmth to any space. From their eco-friendly origins to their aesthetic and health-enhancing attributes, beeswax candles illuminate both the physical and emotional realms with a natural grace.

3. Palm Wax Candles

Palm wax candles epitomize a fusion of eco-consciousness and aesthetic elegance. Sourced from the palm oil, these candles offer a distinct appeal due to their unique crystalline patterns that form as they solidify. Beyond their captivating visual charm, palm wax candles boast impressive attributes. With a sustainable origin, palm wax contributes to environmentally responsible practices. Similar to other natural waxes, these candles burn cleanly, reducing soot emissions and promoting a healthier indoor environment. Their ability to hold fragrances, including therapeutic essential oils, amplifies their appeal for those seeking both ambiance and wellness benefits. Furthermore, the versatility of palm wax allows for a range of creative designs, making each candle a work of art that illuminates spaces with a harmonious blend of beauty and ecological mindfulness.

4.Gel Candles

Gel candles encapsulate a marriage of creativity and illumination, offering a visually captivating and versatile option within the realm of candle craftsmanship. Crafted from a transparent gel-like substance, these candles exhibit a distinct ability to suspend decorative elements within their midst, making them a canvas for artistic expression. Beyond their visual allure, gel candles are also prized for their ability to emit gentle and soothing light. These candles are often infused with fragrances, including essential oils, to create an aromatic experience that complements their aesthetic charm. Gel candles burn more slowly than traditional wax candles, prolonging their captivating display while releasing their fragrance. With their potential for customization and their ability to evoke both visual and olfactory delight, gel candles serve as a unique and multifaceted addition to spaces seeking an enchanting ambiance.

5. Blended Wax Candles

Blended wax candles epitomize the art of customization and balance, seamlessly combining various natural waxes to achieve both functional and aesthetic excellence. This innovative approach to candle-making often entails the fusion of different waxes, such as soy, beeswax, or palm wax, each contributing its distinct characteristics. The result is a candle that harnesses the benefits of multiple waxes, combining features like even burning, clean emission, and fragrance dispersion. Blended wax candles can be tailored to specific preferences, enhancing their performance and appeal. This fusion of waxes not only optimizes burning properties but also provides a canvas for fragrance, allowing essential oils or natural scents to harmonize with the captivating glow. In essence, blended wax candles celebrate the art of balance, offering a harmonious marriage of nature, science, and design that adds a unique touch to spaces and embraces individual preferences with an elegant versatility.

6. Pillar Candles

white pillar candle on clear glass candle holder

Pillar candles embody timeless elegance and versatility in the realm of illumination. Characterized by their sturdy and cylindrical form, these candles offer a classic and sophisticated aesthetic that seamlessly blends with various decor styles. Available in a range of sizes and colors, pillar candles are renowned for their extended burn times, making them an enduring choice for both decorative and functional purposes. Whether standing alone as striking centerpieces or adorning candle holders, pillar candles cast a warm and inviting glow that transforms spaces with their understated charm. Their lasting presence is complemented by their ability to accommodate essential oils or fragrance blends, contributing to a multisensory experience that enriches ambiance. As beacons of enduring grace, pillar candles remain a versatile and enduring choice for those seeking to infuse spaces with an enchanting radiance that transcends time.

7. Container Candles

Container candles, a popular choice in the realm of illumination, encapsulate both visual allure and practicality. These candles, poured into an array of containers such as glass jars, metal tins, or ceramic holders, seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Not only do these containers provide a secure base for the candle, but they also encapsulate the soft glow of the flame, creating an enchanting ambiance. The contained environment enhances safety and ensures a longer burn time, while also preserving and gradually diffusing the candle’s fragrance. This dual-purpose design allows container candles to not only adorn spaces with their captivating radiance but also infuse them with a fragrant embrace, making them an enticing addition to any setting.

8. Votive Candles

orange votive candle

Votive candles exude a timeless elegance and intimate charm, making them a cherished choice for various occasions and settings. These small, cylindrical candles are designed to burn for shorter periods, often placed in votive holders that protect surfaces and enhance their radiant glow. Votive candles are known for their versatility, whether adorning tables at weddings, enhancing meditative practices, or embellishing home décor. With their compact size and modest burn time, they offer a brief yet captivating experience of flickering light, creating a serene and soothing atmosphere. Votive candles can be plain or scented, often emitting fragrances that contribute to a tranquil environment, while their soft luminosity brings a touch of enchantment to any space, making them a beloved choice for both their aesthetic and calming qualities.

9. Taper Candles

six white taper candles standing on gray concrete pavement in room

Taper candles evoke a sense of refined elegance and timeless tradition, gracing various settings with their slender and graceful form. These long, narrow candles feature a classic design, tapering gradually from a wider base to a pointed tip, and are often placed in candleholders for stability and aesthetics. Taper candles are frequently used for formal occasions, romantic dinners, and religious ceremonies, where their gentle flickering light creates an ambiance of sophistication and intimacy. Whether adorning dining tables, mantels, or altar spaces, taper candles infuse environments with a sense of grace and tranquility. Available in an array of colors and sizes, taper candles offer versatility in matching different décor themes and occasions, making them an enduring choice for those seeking to elevate atmospheres with their refined radiance.

The Benefits of Different Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles come in a variety of scents, each offering different therapeutic effects. Here are some examples of different aromatherapy candles and the benefits they can provide:

1. Lavender 

Scent: Soft, floral, and soothing.

Benefits: Calms the mind, reduces anxiety and stress, promotes relaxation, aids in sleep, and soothes headaches.

white scented candles on glass bottles

Lavender, with its delicate and soothing floral scent, holds a prominent place in aromatherapy candles for its numerous therapeutic benefits. The enchanting aroma of lavender has the remarkable ability to evoke a sense of tranquility and emotional balance. When infused in candles, lavender’s scent becomes a potent tool for relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. Inhaling its gentle fragrance can ease anxiety, alleviate tension, and promote a sense of calm, making it an ideal choice for winding down after a busy day. Lavender’s aroma extends its influence to sleep as well, helping to improve sleep quality and enhance relaxation before bedtime. Additionally, this versatile scent is known to provide relief from headaches, offering a natural remedy for those seeking solace from everyday discomforts. Whether in moments of quiet contemplation or during self-care rituals, a lavender aromatherapy candle offers a fragrant sanctuary that envelops the senses and paves the way for serenity and emotional rejuvenation.

2. Eucalyptus 

Scent: Crisp, camphorous, and clearing.

Benefits: Decongests the respiratory system, relieves sinus congestion, improves breathing, and provides relief from colds and allergies.

close up of scented candles

Eucalyptus, characterized by its invigorating and crisp aroma, plays a significant role in aromatherapy candles due to its array of invigorating benefits. The distinctive scent of eucalyptus holds the power to clear the mind and rejuvenate the senses. Infused into candles, eucalyptus becomes a catalyst for promoting respiratory well-being, aiding in the decongestion of airways, and providing relief from sinus congestion, colds, and allergies. Inhaling the refreshing fragrance of eucalyptus can revitalize energy levels, making it an excellent choice for moments when clarity and focus are needed. Beyond its physical effects, the scent of eucalyptus has a soothing impact on the mind, helping to alleviate mental fatigue and create an atmosphere of renewal. Whether during moments of contemplation, relaxation, or self-care, a eucalyptus aromatherapy candle infuses the environment with a revitalizing aura, embodying the essence of nature’s invigorating embrace.

3. Citrus (e.g., Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit)

Scent: Fresh, uplifting, and invigorating.

Benefits: Boosts mood, enhances focus and concentration, provides an energy lift, and creates a vibrant atmosphere.

scented candle and purple flowers on an open book

Citrus aromatherapy candles radiate an uplifting and vibrant scent that embodies the essence of freshness and positivity. The invigorating aroma of citrus, derived from fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, offers a range of revitalizing benefits. When captured in candles, citrus scents have the remarkable ability to brighten moods, boost energy, and enhance mental clarity. Inhaling the zesty fragrance can instantly elevate spirits, making it an excellent choice for creating a lively and joyful ambiance. Citrus aromatherapy candles are also known to improve focus and concentration, making them valuable companions during tasks that require mental alertness. Moreover, their aromatic presence helps alleviate feelings of stress and fatigue, fostering an environment of vitality and renewal. Whether used during meditation, work, or moments of relaxation, the essence of citrus encapsulated in aromatherapy candles infuses spaces with an aura of freshness, rejuvenation, and an uplifting zest for life.

4. Peppermint

Scent: Cooling, minty, and revitalizing.

Benefits: Eases headaches and muscle tension, promotes mental clarity, relieves nausea, and aids digestion.

green candle peppermint aroma candle

Peppermint-scented aromatherapy candles emanate a cooling and invigorating aroma that holds a multitude of revitalizing benefits. The distinct scent of peppermint, characterized by its minty freshness, serves as a potent remedy for various physical and emotional needs. When captured in candles, the essence of peppermint can provide relief from headaches, muscle tension, and digestive discomfort. Inhaling its refreshing fragrance can promote mental clarity, sharpen focus, and alleviate fatigue, making it a valuable companion during times of concentration and cognitive tasks. Beyond its physical effects, peppermint’s scent has a remarkable ability to uplift the spirits, enhance alertness, and create an overall sense of renewal. Whether used to combat stress or to invigorate the senses, a peppermint aromatherapy candle infuses the atmosphere with a burst of energy, offering a fragrant journey to heightened vitality and well-being.

5. Frankincense 

Scent: Resinous, woody, and grounding.

Benefits: Calms the mind, reduces stress and anxiety, enhances meditation, and promotes emotional balance.

Frankincense-scented aromatherapy candles exude a timeless and grounding aroma that carries a range of profound benefits. The rich and resinous scent of frankincense holds a deep spiritual and therapeutic significance. When captured in candles, frankincense becomes a conduit for fostering emotional balance, reducing stress, and promoting inner harmony. Inhaling its soothing fragrance can induce a sense of tranquility, making it an ideal choice for meditation and relaxation practices. The aroma of frankincense is renowned for its ability to enhance spiritual connection, elevate mood, and encourage introspection. Beyond its emotional effects, frankincense is valued for its potential to support respiratory health, boost the immune system, and even alleviate discomfort. Whether used to create a sacred atmosphere or to nurture a sense of serenity, a frankincense aromatherapy candle infuses spaces with an aura of reverence and deep-seated well-being, offering a fragrant sanctuary for both body and soul.

6. Rose 

Scent: Floral, romantic, and comforting.

Benefits: Uplifts mood, eases tension and stress, enhances self-love, and fosters a sense of well-being.

a product photography of glow wood no.4 rose garden scented candle

Rose-scented aromatherapy candles exude a timeless and captivating aroma that carries a range of emotional and holistic benefits. The delicate and romantic scent of rose holds a profound significance, symbolizing love, compassion, and emotional healing. When captured in candles, the essence of rose becomes a conduit for fostering self-care, emotional well-being, and a sense of connection. Inhaling its enchanting fragrance can evoke feelings of comfort, reduce stress, and promote relaxation, making it a valuable companion during moments of unwinding and introspection. The aroma of rose is celebrated for its potential to uplift mood, alleviate anxiety, and inspire a sense of self-love. Beyond its emotional effects, rose is known to have soothing properties for the skin and to support overall emotional balance. Whether used to create a romantic atmosphere or to cultivate feelings of tenderness, a rose aromatherapy candle infuses spaces with an aura of elegance and heartfelt well-being, enveloping the senses in a fragrant embrace of nurturing and renewal.

7. Sandalwood 

Scent: Warm, woody, and meditative.

Benefits: Induces relaxation, reduces anxiety, aids meditation practices, and promotes a sense of inner peace.

bottle of sandalwood essential oil with red sandalwood chips  

Sandalwood-scented aromatherapy candles emanate a serene and grounding aroma that carries a range of profound benefits. The woody and earthy scent of sandalwood holds a sacred significance, symbolizing spiritual connection, mindfulness, and emotional stability. When captured in candles, the essence of sandalwood becomes a conduit for promoting relaxation, clarity, and inner peace. Inhaling its tranquil fragrance can induce a sense of calm, making it an ideal choice for meditation and contemplative practices. The aroma of sandalwood is celebrated for its potential to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and enhance mental clarity. Beyond its emotional effects, sandalwood is known for its ability to support skincare and reduce inflammation. Whether used to create a meditative atmosphere or to foster feelings of groundedness, a sandalwood aromatherapy candle infuses spaces with an aura of contemplation and holistic well-being, enveloping the senses in a fragrant journey of serenity and renewal.

8. Ylang Ylang 

Scent: Sweet, floral, and exotic.

Benefits: Balances emotions, reduces stress, enhances mood, and supports relaxation and sensuality.

Ylang ylang-scented aromatherapy candles emanate an exotic and intoxicating aroma that encapsulates a range of emotional and sensory benefits. The floral and sweet scent of ylang ylang holds a unique allure, symbolizing passion, sensuality, and emotional harmony. When captured in candles, the essence of ylang ylang becomes a conduit for promoting relaxation, emotional balance, and a connection to the senses. Inhaling its captivating fragrance can evoke feelings of tranquility, making it a desirable choice for creating an atmosphere of indulgence and self-care. The aroma of ylang ylang is renowned for its potential to alleviate stress, reduce tension, and enhance mood. Beyond its emotional effects, ylang ylang is celebrated for its aphrodisiac qualities and its potential to promote healthy skin. Whether used to create an intimate ambiance or to infuse moments with a sense of luxury, a ylang ylang aromatherapy candle envelops spaces with an aura of allure and holistic well-being, offering a fragrant journey that awakens the senses and nurtures the spirit.

9. Chamomile 

Scent: Herbal, calming, and soothing.

Benefits: Promotes relaxation, eases anxiety and stress, supports sleep, and alleviates emotional tension.

chamomile and candle

Chamomile-scented aromatherapy candles emit a gentle and soothing aroma that carries a range of calming and therapeutic benefits. The herbal and floral scent of chamomile exudes a sense of tranquility, symbolizing relaxation, emotional ease, and inner harmony. When captured in candles, the essence of chamomile becomes a conduit for promoting serenity, stress reduction, and emotional well-being. Inhaling its calming fragrance can evoke feelings of comfort, making it an ideal choice for creating an atmosphere of calm and self-care. The aroma of chamomile is celebrated for its potential to alleviate anxiety, reduce insomnia, and promote restful sleep. Beyond its emotional effects, chamomile is known for its soothing properties on the skin and digestive system. Whether used to create a serene ambiance or to enhance moments of introspection, a chamomile aromatherapy candle infuses spaces with an aura of relaxation and holistic well-being, enveloping the senses in a fragrant cocoon of tranquility and renewal.

10. Vanilla 

Scent: Sweet, comforting, and relaxing.

Benefits: Reduces stress, enhances mood, promotes relaxation, and creates an atmosphere of emotional comfort.

vanilla scented candle on a wooden tray

Vanilla-scented aromatherapy candles radiate a warm and comforting aroma that carries a spectrum of soothing and emotional benefits. The sweet and familiar scent of vanilla evokes feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and emotional warmth. When captured in candles, the essence of vanilla becomes a conduit for fostering relaxation, stress reduction, and emotional solace. Inhaling its cozy fragrance can create an atmosphere of calm, making it an ideal choice for unwinding and self-care moments. The aroma of vanilla is celebrated for its potential to alleviate anxiety, enhance mood, and create a sense of emotional security. Beyond its emotional effects, vanilla is known for its ability to invoke feelings of contentment and relaxation. Whether used to create a cozy ambiance or to infuse spaces with a sense of emotional comfort, a vanilla aromatherapy candle envelops surroundings in an aura of relaxation and holistic well-being, offering a fragrant haven of tranquility and rejuvenation.


Aromatherapy with candles presents a holistic journey where the symbiotic dance of scent and well-being unfolds. These candles, meticulously crafted from natural elements and curated essential oils, offer diverse benefits that span stress relief, relaxation, and emotional balance. As each unique aroma weaves its narrative—be it the soothing lavender, the invigorating eucalyptus, or the grounding sandalwood—they create a serene sanctuary amidst life’s rush. This therapeutic synergy is achieved by engaging the senses, as burning the candles releases essential oils that harmonize with the mind, offering an immersive experience that elevates mood and promotes inner tranquility. The process of crafting these candles involves artful blending and a touch of science, culminating in a symphony of fragrant beauty that resonates with the soul.