Top Reasons to Use Sandalwood Beard Balm

What’s with the ruckus on sandalwood beard balms? Today, men and their women, too, scour nearby stores and online shops looking for this beard maintenance product as if looking for a gold mine. With a plethora of beard-related products available in the market place, you might be wandering why beard balms are becoming a sensation. Well, for starters, men are actually as vain when it comes to maintaining their bearded look. But apart from vanity, there are actually solid bases why men use this.

1. Nothing Beats Good Grooming

Beards are the new six-pack. Come on! Even teen celebrities have grown their facial hair to achieve that “manly” look. While growing those whiskers may be easy, taking care of it can be a huge deal. Like a crowning glory turned upside-down, it takes more than just a facial wash to keep that bush controlled.
Think about all-natural ingredients like sandalwood, beeswax, grapeseed and essential oils in this Stately Beard Co. Sandalwood beard balm. These will not only make the beard exude a shiny look but also keep it healthy and soft to the touch. Aside from the earthy scent of frankincense and myrrh to lend a sexy feel, it conditions and softens the hair while stopping the itch of new hair growth.


To use, simply rub a small amount briskly in your fingertips. Feel it melt and savor the smell.

2. Get Rid of Beardruff

The skin is known to produce sebum oil. Like your scalp, those pores can easily get clogged leaving the sebaceous gland no outlet to produce needed oil to keep it healthy—and as your beard grow longer and rowdier, the sebaceous gland can have a field day. As a result, your hair-covered chin experience a phenomenon called “beardruff”. It’s itchy and totally icky.

This is where a sandalwood beard balm works its magic. Sandalwood when infused with other ingredients like jojoba oil or turmeric can help moisturize not just the hair but also the skin behind it. It contains natural elements that resemble natural oil produced by the skin. It hydrates and moisturizes and keep the “ruff” away.

3. Ever heard of split-beard-ends?

Now, if you keep on experiencing those pesky split ends, this Sandalwood beard balm is a keeper. The St. Pierre Oakness Sandalwood beard balm doubles as a conditioner. It contains sandalwood oil, vitamin E and other essential oils to control frizz and tangles thereby reducing, if not eliminating, split ends. It also softens course and rouge hairs and reduces patchiness while exuding a sexy scent that men (as well as women) love.


4. Soften to Liken

In the same way as good grooming, dandruff prevention and split ends reduction are concerned, the idea of having a soft beard that’s easy to the touch is invaluable! Think about how your main squeeze will react to that soft barely-there feel when you kiss or cuddle. Either St. Pierre Oakness Sandalwood beard balm or Stately Beard Co. Sandalwood beard balm will make awesome choice in keeping your whiskers soft and smooth. For the ultimate baby-soft beard, however, using a high quality beard oil with a beard balm will give you that perfection.

How to Apply:

Like any other brand, a sandalwood beard balm is so easy to apply. Simply scoop out a thumbnail size off the tin. Rub it into your palm until it’s melted and massage it lightly starting from the root to the tips.

In a Nutshell

So, if you are preparing for a wedding, a date night, or an important life-changing event, keep those whiskers pampered with either St. Pierre Oakness Sandalwood beard balm or Stately Beard Co. Sandalwood beard balm. These beard balms keep your hair groomed, free from split-ends and dandruff-free while maintaining underlying skin moisturized and hydrated all the time.