Top Reasons Sandalwood Perfume Oil Is a Must-Have

In a world driven by so much competition, traffic, and stressful activities, it is no wonder your chakra energy is hanging on a balance. Living under chronic stress coupled with so much overthinking to meet seemingly impossible goals, one can easily lose focus, sense of purpose go haywire, and libido flushed down the drain. Being an empowered woman either in professional or personal affairs require that you learn to practice focus, calm, and control under pressure, propensity to double the uptake amid the circumstances, and still maintain a close relationship with loved ones. You will need to realign your second chakra energy and with that, you will need the help of sandalwood perfume oil.

But why sandalwood perfume oil? Why not just go to a spa to rejuvenate? If you are wise, the following benefits are worth noting.

1. Sandalwood perfume oil, particularly the concentrated one like the Song of India Sandalwood Pure Essential Perfume Oil (see inset), promotes mental clarity. All you need to do is place a few drops to a diffuser or to your massage oil when having a massage to relax the mind. You may also dab small amounts to the body as you go through chasing clients or presenting a proposal to the board.


The best thing about the Song of India Sandalwood Pure Essential Perfume Oil lies in its versatility. It helps to amplify one’s focus and cognitive clarity with just a few drops into your massage oil, your aromatic bath, or in a diffuser. Reviews hailed it as one of the best sandalwood perfume oil for its usefulness.

2. In the same way, sandalwood perfume oil also helps soothe, stimulate, and calm the senses. As mentioned, the Song of India Sandalwood Pure Essential Perfume Oil only requires a few drops to a steaming hot bath or an aromatic massage to relax those sinewy muscles and calm one’s throbbing temples. Its smell is tranquil without causing drowsiness but rather a seemingly active feel.

3. Another notable benefit of using perfumed oil from Sandalwood is its ability to ease one’s anxiety. Though primarily used in aromatic practices and as a ritual in Hinduism, Buddhism and Egyptian ceremonies, people with an anxiety disorder can also benefit from wearing this fragrance when out and about. If you are one who has been through a traumatic experience recently, using this as an aromatherapy massage oil or as a body perfume will help chase the agitation away leaving you relaxed, aware, and grounded.

4. Sandalwood perfume oil like the astounding scent of the Song of India Sandalwood Pure Essential Perfume Oil is also well-loved by everyone who requires a memory booster. Students, trainers, coaching professionals, and other individuals who require utmost concentration power and powerful wit will benefit largely from this tiny bottle. A few drops or dab is all it takes to keep your concentration and memory sharp.

5. Of course, one of the defining element of this fragrance is its ability to relieve body odor. Sandalwood is known for its antimicrobial compound thus, treating the body from any excesses and stopping microbes from causing an unsavory smell. Simply add a drop or two of the Song of India Sandalwood Pure Essential Perfume Oil to your bath and you can help stop body odor on its track.

6. While it relaxes and calms the senses, the unique scent of sandalwood help to amplify the alertness level. You can simply keep this Sandalwood Wild Rose Perfume Body Oil in your purse and roll it unto your wrist when the need for alertness is imminent. Some marathon runners roll this on their nape, wrist, and body to ignite their senses.


Made in the USA, the Sandalwood Wild Rose Perfume Body Oil is a clever weapon for women who always want to be on top of their game whether in business, work or personal life.

7. Take control of your sensuality by using sandalwood perfume oil. The fragrance of sandalwood is a natural aphrodisiac that helps boost libido in both men and women. You can use the Song of India Sandalwood Pure Essential Perfume Oil when preparing for a nighttime romp with your spouse or simply roll a few lines to your wrist and nape using the Sandalwood Wild Rose Perfume Body Oil when out barhopping with friends and colleague.

Where to Buy Sandalwood Perfume Oil?

Indeed, there is more to these sandalwood perfume oil choices than what meets the eye. Such small bottles but with powerful benefits to the body! So where to buy the Song of India Sandalwood Pure Essential Perfume Oil or the Sandalwood Wild Rose Perfume Body Oil – or both? Check out discount from Amazon now for authentic and budget-savvy pricing complimented with shipping perks. It is high time that you unleash the power within.