Top doTERRA Sandalwood Uses

Like its popular Indian sandalwood sister, Hawaiian sandalwood also delivers astounding benefits to the skin, hair, and mind. Maintaining its intrinsic properties like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, antispasmodic, diuretic, carminative, antiphlogistic, disinfectant, sedative, emollient, and memory booster, it came as no surprise why Hawaiian sandalwood oil is also revered in the world. When it comes to this type, one brand always remains on top in terms of trust and reliability — doTerra sandalwood. Keep reading to learn more about this particular product that is offered.


doTerra Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil Advantage

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doTerra sandalwood oil is known not just for its astounding benefits but also for its environment-friendly extraction process. Boasting of a renewable source and meticulous extraction that encapsulates the important compounds of the Hawaiian sandalwood tree, it ensures that content for each bottle is packed with care to deliver high-quality results. In fact, all of doTerra’s essential oils are carefully extracted to provide the best quality oils.

One drop of the doTerra Sandalwood Oil exudes a rich woody scent laced with the subtle sweetness of honey. It is extracted from the core of the Hawaiian sandalwood trees which are carefully cultivated in the heart of Waikiki and extracted via slow steam distillation. It comes suffused with α-santalol, ß-santalol, and lanceol which is what helps promote flawless skin, reduce and repair skin imperfections, and flowy healthy hair at the tips. Hawaiian Sandalwood is also a natural mood enhancer. For this reason, it is frequently used in meditation, yoga and other mind relaxation activities.

With such astounding benefits, it comes as no wonder why reviews of the Hawaiian doTerra sandalwood oil always come topnotch. It always elicits a “WOW” response or an “amazing” from its loyal customers in Amazon.

Do you know why the Hawaiian doTerra sandalwood gets these responses? Let’s take a good look at how Hawaiian doTerra Sandalwood uses came to be revered.

doTERRA Sandalwood Uses

Some of the most common uses of Hawaiian doTerra Sandalwood oil are the following:

SKIN: Hawaiian doTerra Sandalwood oil is great in promoting ageless and flawless skin. Apart from maintaining a youthful glow, it also helps treat skin imperfections. Many women (and men) use this as part of their daily skincare routine. It can be directly added to steaming water and used as a sauna-like element using a towel. It can also be added to with sandalwood powder or other sandalwood oil to create a skin paste or cream. Many also concoct their own doTerra topical to treat skin irritations and remove impurities.

MIND: A potent mood enhancer, Hawaiian doTerra Sandalwood oil is oozing with relaxing aroma that’s so gentle to the senses. It can be used as oil for diffusers during meditation, as a component to be added on a relaxing bath, or as base oil in a massage. It can be used as an ingredient to house sprays, too, to create a relaxing environment.

HAIR: Though popularly used for skin and mind relaxation, Hawaiian doTerra Sandalwood oil also makes a great ingredient to maintain moisture to your tresses. Simply add a few drops to shampoo or conditioner, or apply directly to the hair strands for that extra shine.

SLEEP: Say goodbye to bedtime woes with the Hawaiian doTerra Sandalwood oil. Simply diffuse a few drops next to your bed and you can easily have the restful night you need. Some prefer massaging their nape with a few drops for that restful sleep, too.

AFTER-SHAVE: Men and women shave unnecessary hairs. Often, finding the right shaving cream can be a hassle. The Hawaiian doTerra sandalwood oil when combined with shea butter and coco oil can leave skin smooth and moisturized.

GARDENING: Do you know that plants love the unique aroma of the Hawaiian doTerra sandalwood oil? Studies suggest that this amazing oil helps plant life cope with the rigors of environmental stress. Simply add a few drops to a water sprayer and you’re good to go.

Important Considerations

While Hawaiian doTerra sandalwood uses come aplenty, it is imperative that you also learn its contraindications. Before using, check for sensitivity to skin and avoid direct contact with eyes or other sensitive areas. It must also be kept out of children’s rich at all times.