The benefits of mixing sandalwood oil and creams with sanitizer during Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, two of the major warnings we have been issued is to wash our hands regularly with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds and to use alcohol-based sanitizers regularly. It is believed that carrying out this measures will help the reduce or eliminate the risk of contracting the Coronavirus after touching an infected surface or item and then subsequently using the same hands to touch our face, especially the mouth, nose or eyes.

Considering how much fear that the Coronavirus has caused around the world and the number of fatal cases, people are trying to follow the instructions to keep safe from Coronavirus regularly as the two mentioned above seems to be the easiest to abide by out of the other rules that include wearing a face mask, social distancing and staying at home. However, some dangers come with regularly washing our hands and regularly using alcohol-based sanitizers.

Dangers of washing the hands and using alcohol-based sanitizers many times daily

It is believed that excessive washing of the hands can result in the skin getting weak and the removal of benign bacteria on the skin that helps to fight off pathogens such as norovirus. Too much washing of the hands can have adverse effects on an individual including abrading of the skin that usually acts as the barrier to keep out harmful agents and keep in moisture. The same also applies to too much usage of sanitizers. Hence, overdoing these two activities could result in skin disorders that would also increase your risk of getting an infection. Too much exposure to the chemicals in the sanitizer can result in skin irritation. The skin will be deprived of water and oil. Inadequate water and oil in the body will also result in having rough hands. It will lead to the skin getting dried, making it easier to have cuts where the virus could follow to enter into the body. It would not be a great idea to put yourself at risk of other viruses and bacteria while trying to run away from the Coronavirus.

How Sandalwood oil and cream can help

The addition of cream or sandalwood oil to your sanitizers would not significantly reduce the effectiveness of the sanitizer when you use it. However, it can help you to replace the oil you will be losing from using too much sanitizers and washing your hands regularly. This is considering some people wash their hands and rub the sanitizer. Hence, your hand could stay moisturized even when you have washed it and have applied a sanitizer. The cream or sandalwood oil will strengthen the barrier functions of the skin while preventing your hands from chapping. With this, you will be able to reduce your risk of having an infection as well. A large variety of sandalwood oil has different uses. You can find the best type for moisturizing the skin and adding to your sanitizer.

Other precautions

It is also advised that paper towels or clean towels should be firmly used to wipe the hands after washing. This is to avoid moving around with damp hands regularly as pathogens will find it easier to latch to damp hands. Furthermore, damp hands can result in disorders on the skin. You can find other quality natural plants good for the body such as aloe vera. The right plants should have great benefits for the skin especially keeping it moisturized.