An Overview of Sandalwood French Milled Soaps

Sandalwood is a type of fragrant wood which gives us one of the most prized essential oils in the world: the sandalwood oil. Soaps are another popular product using sandalwood – there are soaps whose main active ingredient is sandalwood oil, while there are other soaps that contain sandalwood oil and a … Read more

3 Budget Savvy Sandalwood And Patchouli Based Gifts

Buying someone a gift can be tough. With all the things that money can buy these day, finding that one perfect present for a family member, friend, business associate or work colleague requires a lot of deep thinking—especially when on a budget. When giving, it is also important to consider its benefits … Read more

Sandalwood Shower Gel: Luxe Up Your Shower Experience

Not anyone is keen on using a sandalwood shower gel over a good ol’ bar of soap. But studies reveal that there are distinct advantages in using this for cleansing the body from impurities and leaving it free from dirt and germs afterwards. For one, shower gels are formulated in such a … Read more

Tips on Making Your Own Sandalwood for Acne Regimen

  Acne knows no age or status. It can happen to both men and women, too. For those in their late 20s, this can mean disaster with a capital D. There are three contributing factors to this dilemma—hormones, genetics and lifestyle. But when acne develops, many individuals scour the market for products … Read more

4 Top Rejuvenating Sandalwood Bath Soaps For Men

Sandalwood bath soap is known for its benefits in the realm of traditional Eastern medicine. The fragrance is sweet, warm and woody. It is a scent mostly preferred by men who desire both health and beauty in one small package. It is known to reduce tension, promote relaxation, soothe and moisturize skin, … Read more