Sandalwood Necklace: Why Wear One?


Sandalwood-Necklace Have you ever been to a Buddhist temple? Or met a Buddhist monk? Take a closer look and you will see that these people often wear common jewelry—sandalwood necklace. This “necklace” can also be folded as a bracelet or worn as a “rosary”, whichever one prefers. Aside from the cosmetic value of wearing one, the traditional usage of sandalwood necklaces as mala beads is long known in the ancient civilizations and cultures of the world. The purity of the sandalwood substance and your intentions are meant to draw in positive changes into your life. Here’s why:

Correlating Sandalwood and Chakras

Chakras, or the human body’s 7 energy vortexes, are known to impact the many facets of feelings and emotions that drive an individual’s daily life. These metaphysical facets complement the physical aspects in the body like the arteries, the nerves, the major veins, and internal organs as well as the brain. As a whole, these energy vortexes are believed to allow life force to freely move and function in a balanced and harmonious way. Basically, its main purpose is to bring a person into a state of inner peace and harmony.

Chakras are not just sensitive to feelings but also to a variety of external influences. As one goes through life’s daily grind, he or she can easily get lost through all the noise and haste. Getting overwhelmed by the constant drive to balance life and work can easily bring one to fits of frustration. This, however, can be remedied upon by regular meditation and by wearing of a sandalwood necklace or bracelet.

Take this Natural Sandalwood Ebony Beads Buddhist Prayer Mala Necklace Bracelet, for instance. Beyond the call of fashion, wearing this sandalwood necklace cum bracelet on a daily basis can help bring balance to sentient life. Made of natural sandalwood, it helps to relax the mind by doing simple meditative expressions whenever one feels like the whole world comes into a feast for the senses. Simply allow a few minutes to sit back in an office cubicle or a corner in one’s home, close the eyes and focus on this moment’s bliss. Smell the empowering aroma of sandalwood to penetrate the nostrils and signal the mind to stop and be aware of the present bliss.





This 34-inch necklace is made of natural 108 8-millimeter sandalwood beads that exude a relaxing aroma. It comes with an Oriental pouch which you can easily keep in your purse. To order, check out for any discount on Amazon HERE.

Indeed, the quest to open the “thousand petal lotus” is what keeps many people going. This allows them to gain a certain inner strength in overcoming adversities and life challenges. For this reason, many engage in yoga and other forms of meditation to relax the mind and unleash the power circulating within them.

However, it cannot be helped that the chakras can somewhat be aloof and unattainable. Tools are often prescribed to lend assistance to the wearer in bringing a clearer perception to the self. When using sandalwood incense and oil diffusers are deemed not possible, wearing of a sandalwood necklace helps sooth the innermost recesses of the mind.

This Green Sandalwood Beads Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Meditation Mala Necklace is another great choice to wear on a daily basis. Whether meditating or driving on mile-long traffic, its light sandalwood fragrance can easily lift the senses. It is used by both Buddhist monks for prayers and for yogis in freeing the chakras. Sandalwood-Tibetan-Buddhist-Meditation-Necklace


In conclusion, meditation can be attained whenever you need it throughout the day and it can be done wherever you may find yourself. Even shutting off the mind for at least 5 minutes a day can help unravel the mind’s greatest power and the body to covet healing and liberty from human sickness. By wearing a sandalwood necklace, its magical powers can help enhance one’s meditative prowess and augment the power of your consciousness to a whole new level. Wear it long as an aromatic necklace with your favorite top, or wear it wrapped around the wrist as a stacked bracelet. No matter which way you choose to wear it, you can enjoy its lasting benefits of clairvoyance, divination, protection, good luck, good health, and success. Namaste!