MINERAL Brings Legal Hemp Products to Austin for the First Time

The state of Texas recently passed a law that expressly makes the use of hemp legal throughout the state. The law only applies to hemp, not marijuana.

The distinction between these two variants of the Cannabis sativa plant is that the latter, marijuana, contains THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient that causes the high associated with cannabis smoking. Hemp, on the other hand, contains almost no THC. However, it does contain a wide array of bioactive compounds that can relieve everything from pain to nausea to anxiety.

MINERAL is the First Store with CBD Oil in Austin

Technically called a cannabis perfumery by its owners, MINERAL represents the first shop in Austin to bring the many powerful benefits of hemp-derived products like CBD oil to Austin city residents.

MINERAL has a full catalogue of products that help with everything from increasing focus to relieving anxiety. And all MINERAL products are full-plant extracts, with a special targeting of cannabidiol and a range of unique terpenes.

It is the prominent inclusion of these latter compounds that allows MINERAL’s founders to rightly refer to their ultra-sleek store as a hemp perfumery. Terpenes are the naturally occurring compounds found in all plants. They are what give unique flavors and scents to fruits and vegetables.

It turns out that cannabis plants are a rich source of terpenes. Through meticulous selective breeding and advanced extraction techniques, the horticultural wizards at MINERAL have brought out some of the most unique aromas in their products.

For example, the company’s MAISON balm is geared toward the promotion of rejuvenation at the cellular level. It can help muscles recover quickly after vigorous workouts and help damaged skin repair and replace itself.

Like all MINERAL products, MAISON has a unique and pleasant aroma, with an almost addictive quality to it that nearly defies description. Creating a deep earthy smell with woodsy notes, the terpenes do far more than just create heavenly scents. These potent and all-natural compounds mediate the effects of MINERAL products, alongside other cannabis alkaloids like cannabidiol, helping generate their therapeutic properties.

MINERAL Products are 100 Percent Legal

Texas is just the latest in a string of states to legalize certain cannabis derivatives for certain uses. Increasingly, the state of cannabis laws in the United States is becoming a byzantine maze. And this causes many users of these products, along with potential future customers of the outlets that sell them, a great deal of uncertainty and reticence.

However, one needn’t feel the slightest bit apprehensive about walking through the doors of MINERAL’s chic, ultra-modern floor space in downtown Austin. That’s because, under Texas’ new law, all hemp products are 100 percent legal. This is an important distinction that often confuses people. Hemp is any strain of cannabis that naturally contains less than .3 percent THC. This means that, while hemp products have powerful bioactive therapeutic properties, they are not psychoactive. In lay terms, hemp usage will not get you high.

But caution is warranted when dealing in any cannabis product in a state like Texas, which has legalized hemp but not medical or recreational marijuana. That’s because products like cannabidiol are almost molecularly identical, whether they are harvested from marijuana or hemp strains. But even though these products may be indistinguishable, possessing marijuana-derived cannabidiol is technically a crime and could get you in big trouble.

When shopping for your cannabis products at MINERAL, you know with 100 percent certainty that the products are all derived solely from hemp plants and that everything being sold is legal under Texas law.