Microgaming Mayhem – Find the Latest Slots Sites at Boomtown

Slot machines have long been a favourite of the novice gambler because of the perceived chance to win over strategy. Pull the lever, hear the dings, see the light and voila! You’re an instant winner and as well, there’s  the gratification and floor fame you can feel when winning a jackpot, voucher from boomtown, thanks to Microgaming and a software company of the same name, you can experience these endorphins without setting foot inside of a seedy casino.

Gone are the days of wandering into your local smoke-filled casinos full of our low-income earners or senior citizens plundering their monthly checks on Pirate-themed slot machines. Unless you had the time (or resources), the glitz and glamour of Monte-Carlo or Vegas was just something reserved for the Hollywood movies or wealthy elite. Since their inception in 1994, these Microgaming sites have developed integrated mobile websites along with their own dedicated apps, allowing you to play with ease. You can learn about the history of Microgaming at Boomtown Bingo if you’d like to read more on the topic.

Draws in Younger Tech-Savvy Players

Playing slots is a fast game. You win some and you lose some, but correlating the instant gratification of slots with well-animated, programmed games is a recipe for a fun night. While all of these sites offer mobile-friendly versions of their sites, some like Leo Vegas have even developed dedicate apps, so you can play Microgames directly from your phone or tablet. For iPhones, Touch ID is utilised instead of the traditional password. These sites are trailblazers in the Microgaming world, winning several awards in the tech field.

Slots are no longer just for your Nan. Many are even licensed to use by contemporary movies or shows from pop culture. It’s obvious who the “Sex in the City” and “Entourage” slot machines are targeted for; our society’s young to middle-aged men and women with enough disposable income for both HBO and entertainment gambling.

Ease of Use

With this new younger market, Microgaming sites can integrate elements that make playing online effortless. The promotions are so competitive, sites like Power Spins can gift you up to 50 free spins just for signing up. OJO’s Casino allows for no wager requirements as well, so this feature allows you to withdraw your winnings whenever you’d like. These kinds of steep promotions attract a trendy crowd, improving the online microgaming experience. These sites feature language like “no funny business” or “no strings attached”, assuring users of their accessibility.

Large Payouts 

Yes, the lights and dings of microgames are mesmerising, but you can win significant sums of money as well. We associate slots with meagre winnings, but with online microgames, that’s no longer true.

OJO Casino reported that one of their players won £205,256 playing a fortune teller-themed slot microgame while watching TV. They report several players winning large sums proving it’s not only table games where people can win large sums now. Power Spins current jackpot holder remains anonymous because his winning is listed at £905,554,441!

More than Just Slots

The success of Microgaming sites is in part due to its relationship to contemporary pop culture. They attract more users by creating games featuring things we are familiar with. For example, if slots aren’t usually your game, but as you scroll across the “Game of Thrones” machine as a mega GoT fan you’d have to at least check it out. They are fully licensed so able to incorporate real elements from the show, like the characters, their voices and storylines. Microgaming offers more than just slots, it is another way for us to connect with current paradigms, music and TV shows.  Be sure to also check out https://s-bobet.com for a great option. 


It’s a child’s nursery rhyme and a game we associate with seniors, but it’s one of the most popular games on Microgaming sites! Maybe it’s the nostalgia that attracts players or because there are so many ways to play and win. These sites offer CiB (Casino in Bingo) that allow you to play screen-in-screen while playing other games on  the site. Either way, our obsession with Bingo is quenched since we can play them on Microgaming sites as well.

Slot machines used to be cumbersome for casinos to run. They constantly needed maintenance and the technology was crude and unreliable. But now with current advances, not only is it more lucrative in-house, but it’s also available at our fingertips online! Some prefer the strategy and competition of table games, but if you enjoy the thrill of the unpredictable, Microgaming is for you, With its ties to our other favourite contemporary forms of entertainment, the allure is just so enticing!