Indo Lao Shan Sandalwood Incense Powder

More people all over the world now embrace organic products such as sandalwood. Such products have been in use for thousands of years and have been proven to be effective in treating a number of problems. Furthermore, organic products are all natural and free from chemicals and that means they are safe to use. Indo Lao Shan Sandalwood Incense Powder is one of the products widely used by aromatherapists. It’s a 100% natural Sandalwood incense powder sourced from top-notch sandalwood trees in India. These trees take up to 80 years to attain maturity and thus are rare per se. The more mature the tree, the higher the quality of sandalwood powder.

Product Features and Benefits

  • It is in powder form. Well refined, soft and smooth powder.
  • Packaged in a 6×5.8×4.1 inch container that weighs 14.4 ounces.
  • The product quantity is 300g, a substantial amount to serve you for many days.
  • It is 100% pure premium sandalwood powder for incense. It is free from adulteration and you can tell this by the quality of its scent.
  • Generates an aroma that creates a mood of peace and tranquility. Perfect for all occasions.
  • The sandalwood is sourced from top-level trees in India. The indigenous trees take more than 80 years to reach maturity. Immature ones result in low-quality powder.
  • It is widely used for traditional aromatherapy.
  • It is best for removing negative energy.
  • Ideal for patience exercise.
  • Long lasting aroma.
  • It is the best stress reliever. Use it after a long day of work and you will be amazed by the results.
  • Can be used during major occasions and celebrations to instill a good mood on visitors and guests.
  • It has been in use for centuries as a traditional therapy and this eliminates any doubts about its effectiveness.
  • Covered by a limited warranty. You have to check this with the manufacturer.
  • Smells rich of natural sandalwood. There is no adulteration of the mixture.

Indo Lao Shan Sandalwood Incense Powder Pros and Cons


  • Affordable and quality for the money.
  • Has an appealing aroma.
  • Completely changes the mood in a room.
  • Excellent stress reliever.
  • Easy to use.
  • Well-packaged to prevent spills.
  • 100% natural product sourced from India.
  • It is effective. Has a proven track record.
  • Excellent client reviews.
  • One of the best incense powders in the market.
  • The substantial amount of 300g will last for several months.


  • Takes long to ship since it is sourced from afar.