How to Combat Spring Allergies in Seniors with Essential Oils?

Almost 50 million people suffer from allergies in America. So, they face anxiety problems several times a year!

If you are one of them and have a seasonal allergy, then you face many symptoms such as:

  • Runny nose
  • Block sinus
  • Watery eyes
  • Irritating throat
  • Cough
  • Swell skin
  • Asthma and much more

While if you are facing the issue of antihistamines, corticosteroids, and decongestants, Then these are side effects that can make your allergy worse!

So, it is good for you to go with the home remedy or get medical boots.

FACT: Most people use essential oils to treat skin allergies that can give instant relief. As many doctors recommend that 55% of people can get relief from allergies when using essential oil!

What Can Cause Seasonal Allergies?

When the body’s immune system overreacts to the allergen, then it causes allergy. Indeed, our immune system is the protective item against dangerous enemies!

These include bacteria and viruses that can harm our body bones suggested by Jonathon D. Backus.

What Can Cause Seasonal Allergies

Further, our immune system also helps to protect the body against allergens. These include pollens, grasses, mites, molds, and much more!

So, the immune system fights against these foreign enemies while it should not fight. As a result, it causes an allergic reaction in your body.

How is it Processed in Our Body?

  • Once an allergic reaction starts then, it starts releasing antibodies. So, these antibodies start sending a message to cells.
  • Secondly, cells stop these harmful enemies from going further.
  • Antibodies instantly release histamine, which is responsible for blood vessel swelling. So, enlarged blood vessels start propelling these allergens. As a result, your nose starts running; you start coughing and sneezing. Further, you also have watery eyes, itching, and inflammation on your skin.

When you talk about seasonal allergies, then you can also say them as hay fever. These allergies start in the spring season with pollen. Also, the allergy goes to the summer season with grass. It ends in the fall season with mold!

What Might be the Issue?

Now the main issue is to know the cause that overdrives our immune system.

FACT: Studies show that the main reason for it is the swelling because of modern lifestyles.

So, if your body is stressed and unhealthy, then it is facing the issue of swelling. As a result, it causes your immune system to overwork.

Do Essential Oils Benefits for Avoiding Allergies?

Do Essential Oils Benefits for Avoiding Allergies

The seasons for allergies are late winter or spring and late summer or fall. Commonly, you get an allergy when a plant starts blooming to which you are allergic.

Moreover, you can also get allergies in other specific seasons.

Most people use essential oils as a treatment for allergies. No doubt, these are alternative and powerful treatments against allergies. These oils come from plants and can be used for various purposes.

The following are the famous uses of essential oils:

Usage Time Period
You can use them to diffuse into the atmosphere


For 2-3 weeks
Use oils in items used for bathing


For everyday
You can use them to apply to skin in diluted form.


Once in a Week
Use oils to spray into the atmosphere.


Use it every day
Breathe directly from the bottle


Use every night

When you breathe in the essential oil scent, then it is called aromatherapy.

So, your body activates through this smell!

5 Essential Oils That are Beneficial for You in Every season:

Are you interested in adding essential oils to your life for allergy relief?

We suggest you must use any one of the following oils:

Using Beneficial Sandalwood Oil Daily

This oil is very useful in reducing the production of histamine. It also stops the activity of the immune system against harmful allergens!

Further, you can use this oil to decrease swelling. It is one of the most suitable stress relief strategies. As a result, it causes lessening of the airway blockage, and you can breathe easily. It means you don’t need to go with the suffocating nose for a long time.

You can also use sandalwood oil to make the best perfume. It is good for you if you are facing difficulty in maintaining your calm.


Lavender is another famous essential oil because of its many uses. It is useful to decrease swelling and calm symptoms of allergies during the season.

A study suggested by Christopher D. Abraham claims that essential oils are useful for decreasing swelling. These also prevent your mucous cells from becoming enlarged.

You can use lavender oil in a diffuse form for aromatherapy. You can also dilute it in oil or use little oil for a bath.


You can also call eucalyptus oil the anti-inflammatory oil. It can help you to prevent your vessels from blocking.

Further, when you breathe in this oil, then it causes a cooling feel. So, you may feel relief from seasonal allergies!

FACT: Researchers are trying to understand the use of eucalyptus aromatherapy to reduce swelling. As a result, it will cause a decrease in allergic symptoms.

It will cause comfort and a cooling sensation. It not only decreases inflammation but also activates allergy in some individuals.

Tea tree oil:

FACT: Many types of research have been done on the link between essential oils and allergy relief.

Further, the oil is considered to be an anti-inflammatory source. Though, tea tree oil can activate allergies to your skin.

So, it is suggested by Randy Agolia, MD, to use it on a small patch of skin before applying. Moreover, don’t try to swallow it because it is very harmful.


You can also dilute it with the carrier oil and apply it to your skin. Jennifer L. Arter suggests mixing peppermint with lavender or lemon oil.

TIP: It is the best way to give you relief from allergies. But you should be careful because sometimes a combination can cause an allergic reaction.

Final Verdict

We have discussed the importance of essential oils!

We also have discussed 5 important essential oils. As per James G. Avery, these can be used to prevent allergies.

Hope so! You will feel relief from allergies and get rid of allergic reactions!