Fun Things to Do While Waiting for Your Date

When people make plans for a date, there are those who take a long time preparing themselves for the special day. They take time finding the right clothes to wear, and girls usually spend hours doing their makeup and hair to look more beautiful. And there are also people who get too excited about the date and arrive early at the venue. If you’re the latter, then what do you think can you do while waiting for your date to arrive?

If you are preparing for your upcoming date and you want to be ready if in caseyou are early on your meeting place or you’ll be the first to arrive, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to give you some of the fun things you can do to pass the pre-date time until your date arrives.

Take a Walk Around the Block

If you will be meeting in a restaurant and you don’t want to feel awkward just sitting there inside, then you can take a short walk around the block for a while. Well, this depends on how slow or fast you walk, but it can take up a good portion of your lag time. It can also help you get rid of the jittery feeling you have. The scenery can also help distract you from your thoughts about what might happen on your date. If you are lucky enough, by the time you go back to the restaurant, your date will already be there.

However, doing this also has its disadvantages, like what if you turn the corner and see your date coming in the opposite direction? Would you turn around and walk back with her or pretend to not see here? And if the walk takes longer than you thought, you might end up being late for your date. So, make sure that you’ll only be taking a short walk and mind the time, as well.

man waiting at a restaurant
Wait for Your Date Outside the Restaurant

If you don’t want to walk around, then you can instead wait for your date right outside the venue where you agreed to meet. You can wear sunglasses and lean on the wall to look cool. You can also make a few phone calls if you want to lessen the nervousness you feel. This way, your date will be able to see you immediately when she arrives, and there’s no need for you to flag her down as she enters the restaurant and looks around for you.

The downside of doing this is that you might feel like you’re loitering. And people inside the restaurant might also give you curious looks as to why you are standing there outside. It can also be awkward to see your date approaching but still a few blocks away, and all you can do is smile and watch her make her way towards you.

Wait for Your Date at the Bar

It’s also a great idea to wait for your date at the bar, if the restaurant has one, and order an impressive drink. You can strike up a conversation with the bartender or some people next to you. You can also play some online games as you wait while having a drink, just like the games that EasyBet Casino offers. It’s a good pastime, and it will surely give you lots of fun as you wait.

However, waiting for your date at the bar will require you to crane your neck every time you hear the door open. There might also be a chance that you’ll be seated with your back toward the door, and your date might sneak up on you.

man and woman on a date
Wait for Your Date at the Table

If you are really excited about your date, then you can wait for her at the table. It’s also a good idea because you get to sit down and examine the menu carefully without being distracted by small talk. There are some restaurants that will serve you bread once you’re seated. You can also send your date a message on where you are exactly seated and what you’re doing there, so she’ll know where she’ll head to when she enters the restaurant.

The only challenge here is asking yourself whether you should stand to greet her when she arrives or stay seated. Sometimes, other people in the restaurant will observe you, and they are also eager to see your date as you are. And it can also be awkward when your date arrives, and you’ve eaten all the bread. Therefore, make sure to spare some bread for your date, too.

These are some of the things we can recommend that you can do as you wait for your date to arrive. Arriving early indeed comes with lots of advantages, and it gives you a chance to prepare yourself more. We hope that the tips we shared were able to give you an idea of what you can do while waiting for your date.