Energy Boost Synergy Blend Essential Oil from Edens Garden


If you have ever used essential oils then you can attest to the fact that these oils really work. Essential oils with sandalwood, in particular, have some amazing capabilities. Sandalwood has been in use for centuries as a natural remedy for so many health problems. It is particularly known for its efficacy in aromatherapy. The Energy Boost Synergy Blend Essential Oil from Edens Garden is formulated using powerful natural ingredients that include; sandalwood, Lemon, and Black Pepper. It is used for boosting mental health and eliminating general body fatigue. Furthermore, it helps clear and refreshes the mind. Since it is not diluted or mixed with additives, you can fully enjoy the myriad of benefits offered by each of its ingredients.

Product Features and Benefits

  • It is well-packaged in an amber glass bottle that has a Euro-style dropper cap. It is available in 5, 10, 30, and 100ml.
  • Included in the package is a helpful brochure laying down the 150 ways essential oils can be utilized.
  • Each of the oils is subjected to thorough testing before approval. They are all GC/MS tested so as to guarantee a 100% certified pure therapeutic grade oil. No additives, pesticides, herbicides, or GMO involved from sourcing of ingredients to the final product.
  • The product is shipped directly to the customer. No intermediaries involved so as to avoid product adulteration.
  • Its major ingredients include sandalwood, lemon, and black pepper.
  • Use it when driving, studying, or reading. It helps boost mental clarity and focus. It also sparks ideas and eliminates fatigue.
  • It is 100% pure and undiluted or is not mixed with any additives.

Energy Boost Synergy Blend Essential Oil Pros and Cons


  • It is made of a highly potent blend of natural ingredients.
  • Available in various capacities to suit different budgets.
  • The product is shipped directly to the buyer and thus guarantees no adulteration and best
  • 100% original with zero additives or any diluting.
  • Can be used for so many purposes.
  • Reputable manufacturer. It is Amazon’s best seller.
  • Has an excellent scent.
  • Excellent client feedback received with regard to the product.


  • The manufacturer does not allow for bulk orders at once.