Surprising Industries that Love Sandalwood

Surprising Industries that Love Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an incredible resource. It can be used in a myriad of different ways, lending itself to a surprisingly diverse range of industries in the process. Whether that’s through its wood being used to create intricately carved furniture, the sawdust being ground to a fine powder for skincare products, the fruits … Read more

Guide to Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a type plant that belongs to the Santalum family. The plant has a massive, fine-grained yellow wood that retains its fragrance for a long time. In fact, oils are extracted from the wood of sandalwood, and it has a lot of benefits. Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods … Read more

Using Sandalwood Oil to Treat Headaches

Headaches are frequently experienced by people from time to time, especially those who are stressed by work, school, and other things. There are many causes of headaches, but most of the time, they are caused by inflammation. When your body senses that a part of it is in danger of contracting an … Read more

Sandalwood: Reasons for the High Cost

Sandalwood essential oil is an effective essential oil for treating headaches, muscle pains, and joint pains. Its aroma also has a relaxing and calming effect on the mind and body, helping us overcome stress, fatigue, and anxiety. This oil is produced from the roots of the sandalwood tree. High-grade sandalwood essential oil … Read more

Locations Where Sandalwood Grows Naturally

Sandalwood is known to be the second-most expensive wood in the world next to African blackwood. They are slow-growing trees that have suffered over-harvesting in the past centuries due to being so useful. It has a durable and robust trunk. That’s why it is mostly harvested for its timber. Its heartwood is … Read more

Amazing Ways to Use Sandalwood for Pain and Inflammation

There are times when we experience muscle and joint pains, especially for older people. Just like headaches, chronic pain is also usually caused by poor blood circulation and inflammation. For example, when a muscle or joint is injured because of overuse or trauma, the white blood cells will rush to the area … Read more

Enhance Your Recovery with Fascial Stretch Therapy

If you’re a fitness junkie or if you’re an athlete with an active lifestyle, chances are you’ve experienced some kind of injury at some point in your lifetime. Even if you’ve never suffered from a serious accident, you’re probably feeling the wear and tear from years of exercise and working out. Although … Read more

MINERAL Brings Legal Hemp Products to Austin for the First Time

The state of Texas recently passed a law that expressly makes the use of hemp legal throughout the state. The law only applies to hemp, not marijuana. The distinction between these two variants of the Cannabis sativa plant is that the latter, marijuana, contains THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient that causes the … Read more

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You may see this girl for the first time in your life or watch her every day. You could approach her, start talking, make her laugh with your wittiness, but there is a little problem: you believe that this beauty will not pay attention to you. So, the only thing you do … Read more

Microgaming Mayhem – Find the Latest Slots Sites at Boomtown

Microgaming mayhem   find the latest slots sites at Boomtown

Slot machines have long been a favourite of the novice gambler because of the perceived chance to win over strategy. Pull the lever, hear the dings, see the light and voila! You’re an instant winner and as well, there’s  the gratification and floor fame you can feel when winning a jackpot, voucher … Read more