Benefits of Vanilla as an Air Freshener

An air freshener is used to make sure that your surroundings always smell fresh and clean. A Vanilla air freshener is one of the most famous smell-good and feel-good sprays used around the world. What’s better than eating Vanilla ice cream? It’s definitely inhaling its soft and healing aroma. Because of its never-ending usage in different industrial products, Vanilla beans are seeing an uprise in their price for the past couple of years. 

In the early 1990s, Vanilla was marked as one of those important ingredients for fragrances. Nowadays, Vanilla air freshener is widely used among masses, because of its calm and happy scent, which can easily take you back to the pleasant memories of ice-cream respites and sweet treats. 

Benefits of a Vanilla Air Freshener

You might be thinking what can an air freshener offer except nice air and surroundings, but think again! Vanilla Air Fresheners also bear a lot of health benefits. Let’s have a closer look at these benefits. 

1. Natural


Vanilla air freshener is made of natural vanilla extract and some water. There is no power formula or recipe. Unlike those store deodorants and air fresheners, Vanilla air freshener is made of purely natural products, that won’t make you cough every two minutes with their pungent smell. Its warm and inviting aroma adds a warm and cozy feel to your house. The products used to make a Vanilla air freshener are all-natural, and thus allow you to experience the benefits of the essential oils at the same time. 

2. No Harmful Substances 

No Harmful Substances 

Nowadays, most store-bought sprays and fresheners are filled with volatile organic compounds and phthalates, which can cause respiratory irritation, kidney damage, and even birth defects in extreme exposure. Unlike such pungent-smelling fresheners, Vanilla air freshener does not contain any harmful substances. It’s formulated with water-based fragrances and vanilla extract that smell like the sweet, rich, and flowery flavor of French vanilla ice cream, and can make anyone’s mouth water with icy anticipation. With this non-toxic air freshener, your house can smell clean and fresh all the time.

3. Extremely Affordable 

Extremely Affordable 

The last thing you want is to go the extra mile, just to get some nice and fresh air around. Most Vanilla air fresheners are extremely affordable because their manufacturing process consists of simple ingredients that you can find in your cabinets. It’s not an unusual sight to spill some coke or food remains in a car, and in such cases, traveling with a nasty smell is not the best idea. You can also carry a portable Vanilla air freshener with you anywhere, and make your surroundings smell like a spring breeze. 

4. Therapeutic Benefits

Therapeutic Benefits

A vanilla air freshener is made of Vanilla essential oils, thus marking its place a step above other air fresheners. Because of the natural essential oils, it also has great therapeutic benefits. Through mood mapping measurement, Researchers proved the fact that taking a whiff of Vanilla bean elevates the feelings of joy and relaxation in people. Its pleasant aroma revitalizes your energy and refreshes the mind.

5. Depression and Stress

Depression and Stress

Because of its strong aroma, a Vanilla air freshener is known to have a direct influence on the nerves that induce calm and relieve stress. It can help with anxiety and is frequently used in aromatherapy treatments. According to Neurological studies, the primary component of Vanilla, called Vanillin, is mainly responsible for its positive and healing effects. Additionally, a study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology states that Vanilla is extremely effective in treating depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 

6. Uplift Emotions

Uplift Emotions

Vanilla air fresheners are calming and help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Vanilla stimulates your senses and helps you focus and rejuvenate your inner being. It brings you and your home to life by capturing the magical outdoor notes and reinvigorating the personal space. Because of its natural ingredients, a Vanilla air freshener uplifts your emotions, brings inner peace, and is ideal for all seasons. 

7. Acceptance and Self-love

Acceptance and Self-love

Vanilla may be the most ‘bland’ flavor for you, but when it comes to easing down your senses, it’s one of the most common ingredients used in different air fresheners, sprays, and perfumes around the world. It enhances the confidence and feelings of acceptance and self-love while lessening the feelings of jealousy, anger, and insecurity. You can’t be fighting with your friend in a room filled with calm and soft Vanilla Scent, right? Almost impossible. When falling short on the air freshener, you can always make do with a DIY Sandalwood Vanilla perfume. The surroundings have an influence on humans’ emotions in so many unknown ways, and that’s why it’s important to keep them filled with pleasant aromas. 

8. A Good Night Sleep

A Good Night Sleep

The light and the sweet scent of a Vanilla air freshener is a fragrance that will help you sleep like a baby. If you love the smell of warm Vanilla baked cookies, you can actually recreate the scent by making a DIY Vanilla air freshener at home. Nowadays, with the fast-paced world, people find it difficult to sleep in peace, or can’t sleep at all. In such circumstances, you can always make use of a homemade Sandalwood Vanilla candle or spray Vanilla freshener in your room before sleeping. Whether you’re looking to calm down or soothe your nerves after a tough day, Vanilla fragrance can do that and prepare a restful night of sleep. 

9. Easy to Make

Easy to Make

With an easy-to-make recipe, a Vanilla air freshener can help make your surroundings smell good and fresh with its enticing scent. All you’ve to do is take a small jar and put some cotton balls inside. Squeeze a few drops of Vanilla extract onto the cotton balls. Before covering the jar, use a nail to puncture some holes into it and Voilà! You have got your very own Vanilla air freshener. Spray the freshener in the areas that need freshening up. You can always buy Vanilla extract from a nearby store, so there’s no chance that you won’t be having the ‘ingredients’ to make the freshener. 

10. Long-Lasting


Since Vanilla essential oils are the most important ingredients while making Vanilla air fresheners, they last longer because of their natural tendencies. If your store-bought Vanilla freshener isn’t long-lasting, you can always make one at home. Keep adding Vanilla extract in your homemade Vanilla air freshener, to keep it fresh and make it last longer. Going to sleep with a soft and milky Vanilla scent and waking up in the same calm and creamy air doesn’t sound so bad after all. 

Vanilla Air Freshener – A Better Ice-cream Alternative 

Vanilla Air Freshener

You might not realize the importance of fresh and clean air until there’s a smell you can’t shake. Stuffy and stale air, combined with odor from gym wear and laundry, bathroom smells, musty areas, and food aromas can create an overall unpleasant environment. It’s time you invest in a high-quality Vanilla air freshener for the smells you’re battling, and get your surroundings equipped with the sweet aroma of Vanilla beans. It is more than just a ‘feel good’ scent. Its incredible capacity to improve acne, expedite healing and promote hair growth means that this multi-tasking tool must also be an important part of your natural health armory.