7 Tips on How to Draw Attention of a Beauty in Her 20s

You may see this girl for the first time in your life or watch her every day. You could approach her, start talking, make her laugh with your wittiness, but there is a little problem: you believe that this beauty will not pay attention to you. So, the only thing you do is standing aside and sighing, having no one idea how to attract a girl. You know charming girls in their 20s are a bit of a catch. Maybe it’s time to change the situation? Let’s start with the basics, non-verbal conduct that does not demand rush actions or direct communication. All this plays a much bigger role than you are used to thinking.

1. Attractive masculine appearance

It’s about looking attractive and giving the impression of a well-groomed confident man. How often do you change your clothes or keep track of the latest tendencies? Do you think posh girls in their 20s go wild over nerds who don’t care about their appearance? A man should be clean and tidy, wear things that emphasize the dignity of his body and hide drawbacks because appearance plays a crucial role for young ladies. They especially like when men wear fashionable jackets, good quality watches, and shirts. These things emphasize the status and add some masculinity to the image.  Also show you can have a great time by playing paypal slots, participating in sports and more.

2. Nice scent

How often do you take a shower? If you don’t do that regularly, then it doesn’t really matter what an intelligent, faithful and interesting guy you are, she will not want to communicate with you. The smell is of great importance, it affects her subconscious desire to attract you. Watch hygiene, fresh breath and don’t forget about good perfume.

3. Upright posture

A true man is about support and protection for a young girl. So, look at your reflection, is this how girls see you? Do you look like a hunched young man? Straighten your shoulders, get rid of slouching, learn to look at the world directly and openly. The more upright your posture is, the more confidence you radiate since the energy fills your body, forcing those around you to change their attitude towards you.

4. Eye contact

This point will wake up her curiosity if you do it right. Any girl in her 20s is not indifferent to attention, she adores the enthusiastic sights of passers-by and the offers of acquaintance, even if she pretends not to notice anything. So, start looking at her carefully and with genuine interest. At the same time, you can remain perfectly serious, such a manner will make your body a bit mysterious. But if you make eye contact, then smile back, it will form a pleasant excitement in a girl. And in any case, do not stare at the beautiful girl too nervy or long. It is rude, and she may think that you are a sex offender.

5. Reduce the distance

So, you look attractive, have a nice scent, and have attracted her attention. What should you do next? Take the first step towards her. Look for a reason to enter her space, for example, move over a couple of steps closer than usual and be in her visibility zone. She should feel your interest and energy next to her.

6. Assistance

For example, you can help her carry heavy bags or deal with some problem she cannot do herself. Besides, you can hold the door, buy her a coffee, give your jacket if it’s cold outside. And you should do all this without words! Your actions will speak louder than any words, compliments or courtship, so she will be pleasantly surprised.

7. Touches

Start with something small, for example, give her a hand, embrace her if she is cold or scared. If she does not take a step back, or even willingly moves closer to you, it means that she likes what you are doing, and she feels safe. Just try to conduct naturally, be confident and laid-back. In no case, you should begin to aggressively put pressure on her or stay in a static pose.