3 Sandalwood Based Colognes For Men: Which Scent Becomes You?


Next to finding the perfect pair of shoe, choosing a cologne scent is one of the best known struggles among men. Not only does their choice of scent complement their personalities, it must also titillate the senses of those they hobnob with and trigger good vibes. It must also be remembered that a man’s choice of scent must not be too overpowering but rather a reminder of who he is through and through. With this in mind, we have just the right scents lined up for you. Take your pick from these 3 best sandalwood based colognes for men.

Sandalwood Based Colognes For Men – At A Glance

Here’s the nitty-gritty of each bottle:

Where to Buy
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne
Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Cologne Spray
Sandalwood By Elizabeth Arden For Men

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne

For the lovers of the classic virile scent that valiant men sports, the Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne has just the right distinction without smelling like an old locker room. Its complex rich woody blend of exotic and sweet-scented sandalwood and cedar with a hint of lavender, rosemary, jasmine and rose provides a natural scent enhancer that heightens a man’s masculine appeal.

Made in England at 100mL per glass bottle, TOBS sandalwood based cologne for men has always earned rave reviews from its ardent users. Enhance your natural scent with a few spray of this one. Buy now from Amazon.

For that day-and-night scent...

2. Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Cologne Spray

Some career-oriented men always look for a scent that they can easily carry whether on a boardroom meeting or when hobnobbing with friends at a bar. Such is the essence of the Caswell-Massey - Sandalwood Cologne Spray. Intriguing without being too overpowering, its rich sandalwood fragrance provide a longer lasting aroma of a well-groomed virile young man out to take the world by his hand.

No wonder this 100mL bottle had kept many men (as well as women) on their toes. Reviews have shown that even women love wearing this rich sandalwood fragrance like how India’s maharajas used to do.

If you want something that’s sensual and alluring...

3. Sandalwood By Elizabeth Arden For Men

For the young and carefree urbanite, a fragrance that can easily carry them through any circumstances is a welcoming thought. Whether on the field or when in the comfort of their beloved’s arms, they need the sensuality and allure that this Sandalwood for Men By Elizabeth Arden brings. Warm and woodsy with just a hint of lavender and vanilla, it helps uplift a man’s appeal reach new levels.

Of course, this Sandalwood for Men By Elizabeth Arden has been around for decades and has always been highly recommended by prolific yuppies with life goals lined up. Reviews of this high quality cologne had always been awesome. So, why wait tomorrow when you can get one now from Amazon to feel young and carefree all over again.

What’s Your Scent?

So, which one speaks for you? A man’s scent should always complement his personality and style. No matter which of these sandalwood based colognes for men you choose– Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne, Caswell-Massey – Sandalwood Cologne Spray or Sandalwood for Men By Elizabeth Arden – one ting remains the same, the cologne you choose becomes you. So, enhance your magnetic pull in a room and pick one that works to your olfactory senses. Buy from Amazon to enjoy discounts and shipping perks. Any of these makes a great special occasion gift, too.